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adult orthodontics

A Brief Overview of Adult Orthodontics

There is a misconception that corrective work or cosmetic dentistry isn’t for adults. Well, studies are showing that more and more adults are exploring treatment for decades-long oral difficulties. It is common knowledge that teeth never really stop growing from the time of our birth to our death. In other words, they are always moving. This is why it’s so common for kids, tweens, and teens to get braces because it’s easier to manipulate the potential movement of your teeth when a patient is still young. With that being said, recent new age developments in dental research have extended their arm to corrective and cosmetic work in adult orthodontics!

Some concerns that adults have when facing problems with their mouth is running into unfamiliar conditions. With growing older, our bodies will face different things causing them to react in a way that usually our younger self’s fresh immune system would have no problem dismissing. For example, periodontal disease is a disease that grows over time and may take years and years to  become a legitimate problem. It is identified by the loss or damage of the gums or bone supporting the teeth. Without treatments, patients could experience receding gum line, loose teeth, tender gums, or even bad breath.

Another reason adults find themselves seeking orthodontic treatment is to finally take hold of life-long issues such as correcting their bite. Many adults or young adults who didn’t go through a braces phase while having a bite problem will have to sooner or later face the fact that they will have to take back control of their jaw alignment. In this case, adult patients will suffer from malocclusion, or an improper bite. This is a condition that is otherwise called crowed teeth, cross bite, overbite, under bite, or open bite. If this occurs the teeth won’t be able to perform functions as they normally would, causing pain and discomfort. Another dental issue typically found in adult orthodontics is formed by a long-term and habitual grinding and clenching of the teeth. This muscle pattern is called Bruxism and has the ability to cause severe wearing of the teeth and traumatizing of the jaw joint structure.

Dr. Ryan Wilgus’ office located in Sacramento, CA holds an experienced team who strive to focus on what is best for the patient and the patient’s smile. There is a high standard held for patient care; whether it is dealing with adolescent work or adult orthodontics.

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