How To Avoid Gum Disease

gum disease

Keep a Healthy Smile by Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is an oral condition of the gums. You might also know this disease as “gingivitis” or “periodontal gum disease” but regardless, it is a common disease that has a number of different symptoms and levels of severity. The disease can range from light gum inflammation all the way to severe and painful damage to the soft tissue and bone. There are various ways a patient can get this disease and although it is common, it can still be prevented.

Of course gum disease happens many ways; most being caused by simple negligence. Despite this, it can be easily prevented via easy, every day, hygienic practices. For example, you can stop the growth of gingivitis with proper brushing and flossing. The importance of brushing and flossing comes from its main purpose of removing plaque and controlling the tartar build up. This is the main thing that can prevent not just gum disease, but any type of bacteria that can be negative to one’s oral hygiene.

Another way to prevent gingivitis is by paying more attention to the food you eat. Certain foods and drinks can damage the jawbone and teeth. Highly acidic drinks, such as soda, are probably the worst, not only for overall health, but gum health as well. Pathogens and bacteria thrive in acidic environments. So, with the consumption of these drinks, it creates the perfect environment for disease and inflammation. Another contributing factor to potential gingivitis is tobacco. The use of tobacco products is probably the number one worst habit for oral hygiene. Getting an oral disease from these products is only the beginning of many potential problems. With every puff or chew, the problems will only continue to get worse. Tobacco also contributes to tooth decay, mouth and throat cancer, receding gums, less blood flow to gums, bone loss, and tooth loss.

Although you may take as many precautionary methods for oral health as possible, it is still very important to have regular check-ups with a licensed dentist. Scheduling regular and frequent check-ups not only gives you professional and unbiased advice, but routinely seeing a dentist can motivate you to stop pushing a healthy smile to the side. It is often that people will forget to prioritize the important task of maintaining their mouth’s health, but if you’re constantly being reminded of the duty, then it’s more likely that you’ll stick to the job.

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