The Importance of Flossing Teeth

flossing teeth

Does Flossing Teeth Really Help?

For some reason, many people often push flossing to the side and assume brushing does the complete job. Of course, the benefits of flossing teeth have been proven time and time again to hold just as much, if not more, importance for oral hygiene than any other way of up-keeping your smile. Although some would prefer to ignore it, there are in fact legitimate reasons as to why every dentist visit consists of being ordered to floss more!

Flossing originated from ancient times when people used pointed sticks to clean between their teeth. Fast forward to the late 19th century and dental floss was officially patented. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that the toothbrush was invented. So why are we much more apt to routinely brush? We know that floss’ main superpower is that it breaks up the plaque bacterial biofilm on your teeth and in turn, it makes it harder for pathogens to survive in your mouth. It pathogens do survive; they can colonize and put anyone at a higher risk of developing an infection and messing up the structure of your mouth, gums, and teeth. An infection that can sprout from not flossing can include gingivitis, which ultimately leads to tooth loss.

Although this may create a level of fear, they still do not answer why people ditch flossing all together. Well, marketers in the toothpaste industry have worked towards convincing people that minty fresh breath is an undeniable and necessary staple in our hygienic duties. Although flossing teeth has been proven to generate fresher breath, we have been trained to immediately turn to brushing when our mouth has a deficiency in peppermint freshness; like right when we wake up and right before bed. We can also attribute the lack of flossing to not only people’s negligence to their health but also how we seemingly will only work towards a long-term goal if we receive immediate satisfaction in the process. We know we are supposed to keep a healthy mouth and due to marketing campaigns, over the top mint flavoring will help us feel like we are doing what we are supposed to do whereas flossing is something that requires years to finally appreciate its undeniable benefits.

Bottom line is that although we won’t immediately notice the advantage of regularly flossing, we shouldn’t deny that the benefits are there. Flossing teeth is an interdental method of cleaning your mouth. This means it supposed to work in the areas we can’t see and in areas the toothbrush or mouthwash can’t reach. Although it’s an extra step, spending a lifetime of just brushing won’t even be worth it in the end if it’s not aided by the power of flossing!

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