Routine Extractions

Routine Extractions

There are instances when a tooth cannot be restored. Extensive decay as a result of chronic neglect or trauma that results in the inadvertent fracture of teeth are two leading causes for a tooth to be deemed non-salvageable. There are additionally many other causes. Ultimately, under these circumstances, your dentist may recommend the extraction or removal of these teeth as a means to improving the overall state of your oral health.

After careful consideration, your dentist will determine whether the extraction that needs to be performed is complicated, requiring the services of an oral maxillofacial surgeon or routine which can then be treated within the confines of the dental office. Dr. Wilgus has completed general practice residencies that had a strong emphasis on the diagnosis and management of oral surgery cases, providing them with the necessary skillset to perform routine extractions in a safe and comfortable environment.

After a careful and thoughtful review of the patient’s medical and dental history, the routine extraction of a tooth using local anesthesia is a common procedure performed within the dental office. Upon completion of the procedure, you will be released with post-operative instructions and medication (if necessary) to help manage any swelling or discomfort. Although not always necessary, you may wish to have a friend provide you with transportation to and from the office on this visit. Typically, you will also be requested to return to the office within 24 hours after the extraction for a post-operative follow up exam to ensure that the extraction site is healing properly.

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In addition to complete services in cosmetic dentistry, we also provide alternative sedation for patients who require extensive dental work or suffer from dental anxiety. Gone are the days of avoiding necessary dental procedures simply out of fear.

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